1 Developing the concept of days in a week through Tamil Sign Alphabets
2 Diversity, abundance and seasonality fluctuations of earthworms in a predominantly korai grass  cultivating habitat
3 Growth in reading ability of the children with special needs in self-contained classroom 
4 Increasing h-index or boosting h-index of a research article in citation market
5 New historic approach on Scott Westerfeld’s Ugiles
6 An ecological approach to the wilderness experience of Jesus Christ
7 Religion of South Indian Blacks
8 Synthesis and characterization of pure and fe doped zinc sulphide nano particles
9 Auto Urine Therapy (AUT) down the centuries: A single healing solution for all diseases
10 The Reading Habits of Medical Students at Chennai Medical College Hospital & Research Centre -  A study
11 A comparative study of verbal fluency between young and old alcoholics
12 Male-Female wage gaps among construction workers in India
13 Metadata analysis of Google scholar relating to library
14 Voice characteristics of  pregnant women across trimesters
15 Trend of research on personality traits using five factor model (FFM)  with Special Reference to Google Scholar
16 The growth of urban population in Tiruchirappalli city with the concept of smart city- a study
17 The influencing factors on purchase of green products
18 Swot Analysis report on Dabur India
19 E - Tailing in India - An Overview
20 Foreign direct investment in retailing